Tweed Excavations & Mines Training Pty Ltd (TEAM)

Training in QLD and NSW

Theory and practical based training


Tweed Excavation and Mines Training Pty Ltd (T.E.A.M.) provides skills and training certificate courses, machines to hire, and contracting work in Northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. 

We can help you get the required licences and tickets and you gain the skills and confidence required to become an operator, we will help you upgrade your ticket skills or update you about the latest RII.

Using a combination of ‘live’ sites, simulated workplaces, mobile delivery infrastructure and developing experienced industry professionals as trainers, TEAM has introduced an entirely new approach to delivering training into the market.

The driver for this demand has been the success of the TEAM model to take in job seekers and those changing careers, with no previous, relevant (or any work) experience and being able to train, support and personally assist them into employment.

The system TEAM has developed is flexible and designed to be transported or replicated across multiple sites to meet demand, and to take advantage of the mining or infrastructure investment as and where it occurs either nationally or internationally.


Hi my name is Jamie, I am 16 years old and am currently studying the Certificate III Civil construction Plant operations course. What i want to achieve is experience on the machines and in the earthmoving industry. I believe this course will help me greatly with getting a job in the industry.

so far i have learnt a lot over the 12 weeks that i have been here and i have gained confidence on the machines thanks to the great trainers at Terranora

I recommend this training to anyone who is thinking about getting work in the civil or mining industry

Thank you T.E.A.M Training


Awesome course. Big Shout out to Rebecca Beverley, Justin Hollis, Clint James and all the assessor’s and trainer’s at the Nambucca Site. I will definitely recommend the course for anyone who wants to obtain their tickets. Lots of time on machinery and the dreaded paperwork that comes with it the teachers are more than happy to explain and work with student’s.  Thanks again. Luke Masters

Hey Kerry, Aaron from T7 again. Another update about my work, I’ve started my first storm water contract. I’m operation in a 22t Komatsu digger trenching and a 14t Hyundai laying pipes changing from day to day. Aaron